Introducing our new email service. We offer email service with 5GB of storage, webmail, award winning spam protection run by a staff of spam fighting professional, file storage and file sharing from your webmail account.

With the servers location in a different country, there is little to no legal access by Big Brother. Choose from many domains as the extension of your address. Such names as: @cac.net, @glis.net, @mich.com, @kfi.net, @firststep.net, @bignet.net, @wmis.net, @wmol.net and much more... And easy to remember and give out email addresses, like bob@cac.net, al@kfi.net or mike@mich.com.

Protect Your Privacy - Because it's your business.

$6.95 per month or $60.00 per year

Call: 888-445-4763

  • Up to 100 GB of optional storage space.
  • Live Telephone Tech Support
  • POP3 -or- IMAP
  • 2 week Backups and Restore
  • File Sharing / Storage
  • Virus Scanning
  • Spam Filtering
  • Black and White List
  • Message Filtering
  • Event Calendar
  • Access Email from Anywhere
  • Email Client Accessibility
  • Add RSS Feeds from your Favorite Sites